Lily`s Luxury lifestyle shop is for dreamers. For people who have the courage and confidence to be themselves and follow their passion. We will try to help every visitor in our shop to find a product or service that will help to achieve her/his goals. Be it beautiful earrings, which makes you feel more confident or a ticket to the World Cup stage to see the top sport from the VIP stage. We sell only high quality products that are made in environmentally friendly conditions. We are not in favour of chemicals and plastic. We try to move in the direction that all our products are packed only with recycled paper and products shipping will have most effective routing.

Experience and brands:

We have been a distributor for Mountain Horse products over 10 years now. During this time, the value of Mountain Horse products has certainly become clear: quality, durability and reliability. It is incredible that we have never had to be disappointed with the durability of the products. The value of the Mountain Horse brand is also the company’s idea of using environmentally friendly production technologies and chemical free materials.

For the same time we have represented the technological solutions produced by Q-line to improve the well-being of horses. Q-line solariums are known worldwide and are used by top athletes on their horses for years. The Q-line subsidiary has developed a new innovative anatomical saddle pads by Sedelogic. The result of the back pressure experiments are incredible.
Our luxurious product range includes KEP Italia helmets with their 5-point safety system and all the safety requirements speak for themselves. Marcus Ehning is the KEP Italia sponsored rider.

For us the new, but world-famous, high-quality brand is Acavallo. We started to work with them in the beginning of 2019 and we hope it will be as good as their products are. Also you can find Tech Stirrups from our lifestyle shop, NAF supplements and we are open to suggestions for a new brand. You can send your your ideas to us on the form below.


Who is Lily, our main character? It can be said that she is guilty of everything, in the best sense. She is an amazing mare, for whom it is most important to be obedient to his rider. Her wonderful character and iron health is an example to all horses. In addition, we love Lily and Lily loves us!

PS. As well as horses, we also love children! We will soon be adding a great choice of riding wear and footwear for our future superstars!

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